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My name is Sabrina.
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I’m passionate about performance optimization and I like to explain complicated concepts in a simple way.

Here is the idea of caching explained in 53 seconds:

Possible format: keynote (30-60 minutes) | workshop (3-6 hours)

Possible topics: how to measure, improve and maintain WordPress website performance

Possible audience:

  • development team — so that they can develop fast loading websites for clients, improve the existing websites’ performance and know how to maintain it after the active development is over
  • design team — so that they can design with performance in mind
  • marketing/SEO staff — so that they can test the website speed properly, hire the right person to work on it and know how to check the work delivered

Offline or online? I believe that offline communication for the workshop is more productive, and I’m okay with traveling. But as for now, the only way we can do this is online.

The Example

Here is a workshop that I hosted for a WordPress development agency. It had 22 participants there.

Hire me to teach

It took us about 4 hours to go through these 3 blocks:

  1. How to test website loading times properly:
    • What you need to know to run tests
    • Tools
    • How to read reports
    • How to set a realistic goal
    • Example of the process
  2. How to develop a fast loading website:
    • PHP
    • JavaScript
    • CSS
    • Fonts
    • Images
    • Video
  3. How to maintain good results after the active development phase is over
    • Caching
    • Server load
    • Hosting
    • CDN
    • Monitoring

After this, we had an additional practical part to try out the things that we talked about.

After the workshop, each participant received a summary of the workshop with tips and checklists which they can use as a roadmap in their daily work later on.

Contact me — I’ll respond quickly and we’ll see if your needs, budget and timing match mine.

If so, we’ll schedule a call where I will ask you to share in detail what you are looking to achieve so that I will be able to customize my talk or workshop to meet your specific needs, as I never use an off-the-shelf presentation.

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