SpeedGuard Plugin

Is it your website slow speed that is holding you back from getting more visitors from Google? Not sure?

Get the definite answer less than in 10 minutes with SpeedGuard plugin:
1. Install SpeedGuard
2. Add the most important pages of your website to be tested
3. Get a complete picture of your site speed health in 10 minutes


  • speed tests of 65 most important pages of your website
  • reliable results — every page is tested 3 times to ensure accurate load data tracking
  • up-to-date information — tests are run and results are updated every single day
  • daily reports about your site speed health are delivered straight to your inbox. In case site performance get worse you’ll be able to prevent big problems asap
  • detailed data for every test with just one click which you can pass to the performance engineer to improve your site speed
  • tests are completely automated since first time setup is don
  • specific recommendations for improving your site speed results
  • easy to start — you need just 10 minutes to set up plugin for the first time
  • tests are completely automated since first time setup is done
  • It’s free

Stop losing visitors because of slow site speed. No need to guess whether your website is really slow. Install SpeedGuard and get the definite answer in your WordPress Dashboard in 10 minutes.

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