Remove image links from WordPress content: 3 ways

Remove image links from WordPress content: 3 ways

By default when you add image to your post content it’s got framed with <a> tags and linked to original image. In most* cases you would like to remove image links as they might harm you SEO by:

  • influence the bounce rate as user behaviour gets worse. User is scrolling you post, then hand sign appears on image, he clicks and found himself in dead-end. No navigation, no return to homepage. Now he can just close the tab and end the sesssion. And this is the last thing we ever wanted, right?
  • loosing page authority. Link juice from the post you wish to be in top is transefered to you don’t care at all. This is extra outgoing link from your post, which you don’t want.

Filter exisiting on page load with the_content:

*mind that filtering your post content not good idea if you need to make permanent changes (read here why)

Remove links from images in posts permanently:

Stop images being clickable in future:

Or you can disable image links manually.  Go to and set image_default_link_type to none.

* Why most cases, but not all? Cause you got to decide for every single website accounting on it’s aims, subject and structure. Imagine you are grafic designer and image liks leads to high resolution pics which really add value to your page and give visitor what he expect. Sure you won’t mind links in this case.

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