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My name is Sabrina.
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  1. Test site speed performance daily
  2. Get notified if it’s slow
  3. Get detailed reports

Google PageSpeed Insights right in your WordPress dashboard.
It’s free


  • unlimited Google PageSpeed Insights tests
  • automatic everyday monitoring
  • desktop and mobile testing
  • daily reports about your site speed health are delivered straight to your inbox. If site performance gets worse, you’ll be able to prevent big problems asap
  • links to the Google PageSpeed Insights reports which you can pass to the performance engineer to improve your site speed
  • tests are completely automated since first time setup is done
  • easy to use — just pick pages of your website that you would like to monitor
  • It’s free 

No need to guess whether your website is slow or fast – get the definite answer in your WordPress Dashboard in a few minutes.


Why people use it:


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Excellent plugin that does exactly what it advertises: periodic checks on your page loading speed with a little dashboard showcasing the results and the option to receive warnings in case your pages load too slow.


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Love it! It’s the easiest way to setup a cron for speed tests! Great plugin, it’ll save me a ton of time.

Jon Brown

WordPress Developer and owner at 9seeds


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Finally a nice way to get website speed insight inside your WordPress installation. Add your posts and pages and get speed insight for multiple URLs on your website. I am so glad I found it.

Marcus Edvardsen

Digital marketer


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I am simply amazed by the plugin and can always keep an eye on top ranking pages on my website. Till now, I focused on the home page speed most of the times.

Mayank Majeji

Web Expert and co-founder at TheMaverickSpirit