Is WordPress Multisite a good fit for my project?

Are you going to build something awesome with WordPress Multisite but not sure whether it fits your project best?

Tell me about its goals and structure and I'll help you define whether WordPress Multisite is a good solution for your specific case.

If you are already running WordPress Multisite and need to:

  • configure the network
  • set up domain mapping for top level domains
  • set up defaults for creating new blogs
  • bulk add new sites to the network
  • get aggregated content across all websites
  • add a network navigation menu
  • customize plugins for network usage
  • make something synchronize across network
  • set up CRON jobs for the network
  • do something else for your WordPress Multisite:)

Contact me — and let's make it work!

Some real-life examples

Can I use WordPress Multisite for ...

WordPress Multisite coding stuff: