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SEO results make you cry? Read this immediately!

SEO results make you cry? Read this immediately!Caution: Strategic thinking needed. You’ve been warned.

You are doing this and that, adding content to your website, filling alt and titles for images, working on proper inner link building and even improving server response time on your server. But, one morning you are realizing that all your efforts are not that effective, organic traffic to your website has definitely grown up over the last few months but it’s far away from what you dreamed of.

I know what you feel like as I’ve been there too.

I was doing a lot — every day I used to have big list of things that needed to be done on my projects, all these checklists and 10 tips, you know. But every few weeks the feeling that all my efforts are not quite right came. But as I already had a new to-do list I didn’t have a real chance to think it over.

Have you ever noticed that it’s much easier to do plenty of technical tasks than to sit quietly for a few hours to decide if they are really appropriate and relevant to your goals?

No way I mean that checklists are useless. They are essential and make workflow easier in many ways. But all these points you do should always be part of something bigger. You should know for sure why you are doing this or that and why you are doing it right now but not tomorrow or someday. Your time is not endless and if you are spending it doing things that seem quite useful but do not really bring you closer to your goals you are wasting the biggest treasure you’ve got.

Einstein (or someone else, not proven, but doesn’t really matter) once noticed that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results. This point has been successfully used by Alcoholics Anonymous for a long time and I think we can make use of it too.

No more doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. SEO is not something outstanding, no magic here, same rules as in the any other field.

When you are working hard and doing really much but the results are still not impressive you should verify these three points:

  • No goal
  • No planning
  • No control

No need to explain why it’s important. Millions of words have been written on this, you’ve heard this plenty of times. So why do you still let your efforts be ineffective?

Take an hour for yourself, sit in a quiet place, and write down:

  • your goal for a certain project’s SEO (if few — right down for each)
  • tasks with timing that would lead you to this goal
  • and points to check and make sure you are on the right way.

Doing this you’ll know for sure that your today’s efforts are not sporadically invented but are part of your Plan and bring you closer to your goal.

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